Rethink. Rebuild. Reinvent. Travel and Tourism Industry post COVID-19


Calling all Hackers, Doers, Dreamers, Makers and Designers who want to help reshape the future of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry, post COVID-19 pandemic.

The numbers tell a compelling story about the disruption of travel as we remember it:

  • The World Travel and Tourism Council projects a global loss of 75 million jobs and $2.1 trillion in revenue.
  • 10% of the world’s GDP is at stake.
  • It could take 10 months or more for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry to get back to some sense of normal
  • Social distancing numbers measured in feet and meters have replaced previous travel indicators numbered in flight distances, nights in a hotel and friendly bragging comparisons of loyalty points.

Even in this time of uncertainty, when the numbers and projections show the real depth of disruption to the Tourism and Travel industry, there also is opportunity.

That opportunity is for each of us to share ideas, collaborate, innovate, build and challenge others to invent what travel will look like in the future.

Who are we?

<Trave/Scrum> is a non-profit organization created a few weeks ago during the pandemic by Travel and Tourism industry veterans. Our ranks are growing quickly and embracing our mission to mobilize and galvanize the Doers and the Dreamers of the travel industry, to band together to create a better travel experience for all.

<Trave/Scrum> Mission

To create digital, tech and design solutions for Travel and Tourism and enable the industry to imagine and deploy innovative, safe and sustainable experiences for consumer and business travelers.

The aim of TravelScrum Hackthon 2020 is to create working models, prototypes, products and designs that:

  1. Build trust and confidence and encourage consumers to travel post-pandemic
  2. Solve pain points for consumer and business travelers
  3. Solve problems faced by the industry
  4. Implement ideas and solutions that are safe and cost efficient
  5. Are scalable and customizable for regional and local travel markets and customer segments
  6. Are profitable and sustainable as products, experiences and, if possible, as businesses
  7. Are aesthetic and present a functional user experience

<Trave/Scrum> Hackathon 2020 Themes

1. Hygiene & Health

  • Hack the very definition of travel in ways that address the health concerns long after the COVID-19 slowdown has passed. These inventions must demonstrate how the well-being of travelers and businesses is preserved or improved during travel rather than put at risk.

2. Travel & Experiences

  • Hack the travel experience, in ways that leverage technology before, during or after the journey, and positively transform Travel and Tourism for consumers and the industry. Suggestion: consider travel inspiration, searching, planning, shopping, experiencing, memorializing and sharing ... and don't overlook mobile services.

3. Sustainability & Relief

  • With pre-pandemic travel practices as your starting point, and new business models and social/environmental impacts as your guide, invent new responsible, socially impactful products and services that drive exceptional traveler experiences and economic growth. Also, with public health and employment concerns at the forefront now, demonstrate how your invention measurably enhances economic conditions in regional and local destinations around the world.

Important Reminder

  • All participants and teams MUST address one or more of  the three <Trave/Scrum> challenges to qualify for project submission and judging. You are welcome to address all three challenges in a single project ... judges like that!


Do you have great ideas but are unsure of how to bring a project to life, or are you not from the Tourism and Travel industry? Fear not!

We have partnered with industry professionals who will be guiding you during this hackathon. We are also partering with mentor companies to provide in-kind donations of their advisory expertise, platforms and tools as prizes to our winners. 

Hackathon Flow



Platform / Tool

Main content


Step 1



Register on Devpost page: TravelScrum Hackathon 2020

18 MAY - 11 JUN (03.00 PM UTC)

Step 2

Join Slack Workspace


Link as follows: TravelScrum Slack Workspace

18 MAY - 11 JUN (03:00 PM UTC)

Step 3

Recruitment of teammates

Slack & Devpost

If you applied individually, find a teammate in #looking-for-a-team slack channel or reach out to participants on Devpost

18 MAY - 11 JUN (03:00 PM UTC)

Step 4

Register your team


Register team on Devpost page:

18 MAY - 11 JUN (03:00 PM UTC)

Step 5

Create a team channel in Slack


Create a channel with your team name #team-your-team-name (this will be your team’s channel/ workspace

18 MAY - 11 JUN (03:00 PM UTC)

Step 6

Mentor Attribution


Each team will be attributed a mentor to guide them through the hackathon

11 JUN

Step 7

Hack Starts


Opening Ceremony : Invite to be shared closer to the date

11 JUN (03.00 PM UTC)

Step 8



Each team will have 2 daily checkpoints with their mentors throughout the hackathon (refer to next table for details)

12 JUN - 14 JUN

Step 9



Submit your project through Devpost:

14  JUN (00:00 PM UTC)

Step 10



14 JUN - 19 JUN

Step 11



Award Ceremony (Details TBA)

19 JUN 

View full rules


$22,500 in prizes

Global Hackathon Grand Prize Winner

The winner exhibits exceptional elements of the spirit of the hackathon, how the project idea tackled one or more challenges and most competently addressed all of the judging criteria.
Prize value based on donated in-kind services and/or cash

Regional Winners (3)

Three Regional winners from Americas, EMEA and AsiaPacific who demonstrated exceptional ideas and execution for projects undertaking one or more of the three hackathon challenges.
Prize value based on donated in-kind services and/or cash

Best Design team Winner

Prize is awarded by the judges to best designed prototype (e.g., business model, user experience / interface, or some other non-technical element(s). The award recognizes the uniqueness of design elements of an exceptional idea.
Prize value based on donated in-kind services and/or cash

People's Choice award

Voted best-in-show by the individual participants of the hackathon based on each voter's personal opinion of how the winning project addressed the challenge(s) and the judging criteria.
Prize value based on donated in-kind services and/or cash

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




  • Participation is free of charge.
  • Participation is open to anyone: developers, designers, business and marketing professionals, students and others.
  • Age - 18 years and older. All underage persons 13 to 17 may only participate with written consent of a legal guardian.


  • Participants can register as individuals or team members on Devpost, compete and build projects during the term of the hackathon.
    • Teams may be from 1 person to 6 people.


Worldwide (refer to Rules above)


Idea Submission 

  • Register on Devpost
  • Submit your idea / project on Devpost. (140 words description maximum)
  • Describe the problem, your target customer and market
  • Describe your solution
  • Describe what you plan to build during the hackathon (e.g. app, device, design solution)
  • Share what technical and non-technical challenges you might face
  • Register on Slack and do the same to find your teammates
  • Describe team members' skills, plus skills needed by team members who may join your team
  • Once the team is assembled, go to Devpost to register the final team and final idea
  • Create your Slack team channel
  • Promote your idea on Social Media: #travelscrumhack

The idea should be a project that you haven't done before and the first day of the hackathon should be the first day you start developing and coding or designing it.

Final Project Submission

1. Textual Pitch on Devpost

You should explain:

  • The travel problem your project solves, including <Trave/Scrum> challenge(s)
  • Your solution and what it does
  • How did you build it?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What is next step for your solution and how will you take that step?
  • Optional for deisgners - What tech did you use to build it? (e.g., APIs, tools, other relavent details)
  • Links to test the solution (e.g., Github, Website, App, adobe)

2. Video Pitch (2 Minutes Max): 

Upload a video (2 minutes maximum) on Youtube as a public video (it can be unlisted if you want) explaining your solution and the problems it solves. The link to the video must be uploaded on Devpost as well. (more info to be given during the hack).

Important Reminder

You are not allowed to start working on your project until the event begins on June 11, 03.00 PM UTC.

All projects must be submitted by June 15, 2020, at 09.00 AM UTC.

Judging will take place during the week after submission between June 15 - 18.

Winners will be announced on June 19 in the afternoon.


Olaf Slater

Olaf Slater

Alessandro Petazzi

Alessandro Petazzi

Aurélie Krau

Aurélie Krau
Festive Road

Taru Aalto

Taru Aalto

Mark Lenahan

Mark Lenahan

Amit Tanija

Amit Tanija

Bijan Mawji

Bijan Mawji
Mycellium & Frequency

Guilain Denisselle

Guilain Denisselle

Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer

Bart Bellers

Bart Bellers
Expedite Capital Partners

Ziv Tirosh

Ziv Tirosh

Lorraine Sileo

Lorraine Sileo
Travel Expert

Natalia Bayona

Natalia Bayona

Alan Young

Alan Young
Puzzle Partner

Evan Konwiser

Evan Konwiser
American Express

Stephen Joyce

Stephen Joyce

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Does the project have any feasible application and/or have a social impact that goes above and beyond? Will this help the community with a real problem they are facing? Can this be implemented?
  • Originality & Innovation
    Is the project bringing a value & solution for the market? Is it a solution or creation we have never seen before? Is it a better way of doing something?
  • Technical Merit & Difficulty
    Is it technically interesting or difficult to develop? Is the hack usable in its current state? Does everything appear to work as intended? Does it deliver a beautiful experience? Is it mostly bug-free?
  • Presentation Skills
    Is the presentation clear & well structured? Does the project clearly define the problem? Solution? The features of the product or service? The benefits?