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about 2 years ago

Have you submitted your idea on Devpost yet?

Dear Participant,

Now that you've registered on Devpost and joined our Travelscrum Slack Workspace, please make sure that you submit your Idea(140 words max) on our Devpost Hackathon page.

Check our guidelines for the detailed steps: Submit your Hackathon Idea

Note: It is important that you submit your idea asap, especially if you are looking for other team mates so that they can reach out to you if they are interested to join your project. We will also use your idea submission to mathc you to your mentors.

Looking for an idea?

Check out our youtube channel to hear from industry experts for inspiration: Travelscrum Youtube Channel

Looking for a team?

You can search for team members through Devpost, under the 'Participants' section or reach out to others team members on our Slack channel: #looking-for-a-team

Looking for a project?

You can view the idea submissions gallery on our Devpost Page to browse for projects that have been submitted: Travelscrum Gallery

Already have a team?

Please note that it's important that all your team members join Devpost and Slack individually if you already have a team. To register as a team on Devpost, the team leader has to submit the idea on Devpost and invite his team members to join the idea via this section: Invite your team

Have more questions?

You can refer to our guidelines document for more details: Travelscrum Hackathon Guidelines 

If you have more questions, you can also raise your queiries to us on Slack. Please refer to our channel directory for more: Slack Channel Directory

Or reach out to us at

Have a good day :)

Travelscrum Team