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about 2 years ago

Mentors have now been assigned to you - Next Steps

Hi Hackers,

Thank you to all those who submitted their ideas. We have assigned your mentors and they will be reaching out to you to set your first checkpoint for today. You are recommended to have daily checkpoints with your mentors to see that you are on track with your project.


Team Channel on Slack

We can see that some of you have submitted your idea on Devpost but have not created your private team channel on Slack. Please note that it’s very important for your team to be registered on Slack for your mentors to find you and communicate with you.

Please create your team channel using the following naming convention on Slack: #team-<your-team-name>

Click on this link to see how to create your private team channel on slack:

Working with your team in Slack


You can also refer to our Devpost page and guidelines document for more details on the hack: 

TravelScrum Hackathon Guidelines


Please reach out to us on Slack if you have any further questions and you can also join us for our Live Q&A session happening later today, FRI 12 JUN at 12.30 PM - 13.00 PM UTC

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Link to Facebook:


Below are the links to our other resources:






FB Event:


Happy Hacking

TravelScrum Team