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about 2 years ago

End of first day of hacking + Live Q&A Session SAT 13 JUN 12.30PM UTC

Hi Hackers,

We have reached the end of the first day of hacking and what a day it has been! It was great to see the synergy between participants and mentors; and all your interactions on our Slack Workspace. We can see some exciting projects brewing and really look forward to seeing your projects come to life in the next couple of days!

Mentor and Checkpoints

You should all have had your first checkpoint with your mentor(s) by now. If for some reason you were not able to connect, do reach out to us on Slack and we will assist you on this.

Live Q&A Session (SAT 13 JUN 12.30PM - 01.00PM UTC)

Do join us for our live Q&A session happening later today.

We will have our Lead Mentor Michael McCartan join us to share some insights on how the mentoring process is going now that we have completed our first day of the hackathon.

We will also cover on the requirements for the final submission and answer any questions that you may have about the hackathon.

Youtube Live Session Link

Facebook Live Session Link

Thank you for Hacking Travel and looking to reinvent it.

Happy Hacking

TravelScrum Team :)