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about 2 years ago

Day 2 of Hacking - Submission Deadline and Requirements

Hi Hackers,

We are on Day 2 of our hackathon and we know that you are all very busy hacking away. Do remember to plan and complete your second checkpoint with your mentors today.  

Submission Deadline

Please note that the deadline for the final submission is SUN 14 JUN at 11.45PM UTC

Submission Requirements 

Your submission should include:

  • Your textual pitch
  • Video of the working demo of your solution on Youtube(2 minutes max)
  • The links to test your solution (e.g., Github, Website, App, adobe)

The detailed submission requirements are as follows:

Textual Pitch on Devpost

You should explain:

  • The travel problem your project solves, including <Trave/Scrum> challenge(s)
  • Your solution and what it does
  • How did you build it?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What is the next step for your solution and how will you take that step?
  • Optional for designers - What tech did you use to build it? (e.g., APIs, tools, other relevant details)
  • Links to test the solution (e.g., Github, Website, App, adobe)

Video Pitch on Youtube (2 minutes Max): 

Upload a video (2 minutes max) of the working demo of the solution on Youtube as a public video (it can be unlisted if you want) explaining your solution and the problems it solves. The link to the video must be uploaded on Devpost as well. 

API (Providers and repository)

We have 8 technology providers for this hack. Our API repository is live and accessible through Google Sheets.   Link is as follows: API Repository   What you will find there is:
  • The list of all technology providers supporting TravelScrum that hackers can access to enrich their project
  • One tab dedicated to each technology provider: summary, registration details, documentation, support, workshops (when applicable)
  • API support is delivered by each technology provider: refer to #01-apis-general for generic enquiries and then you can browse and join directly each api with their dedicated channel.

Live Q&A Session (13 JUN 12.30 - 01.30 PM UTC TIME)

Do join us for our live Q&A session happening later today.

We will have our Lead Mentor Michael McCartan join us to share some insights on how the mentoring process is going now that we have completed our first day of the hackathon.

We will also cover on the requirements for the final submission and answer any questions that you may have about the hackathon.

Youtube Live Session Link

Facebook Live Session Link 

Social Media 

Hope you are all also having some fun while working with your teams on the project. Do share your experience with us on social and tag us #TravelScrum #TravelScrumHack #Jointhehack (photos or videos of your team at work, team catch ups, your workspace, taking a break....anything is welcome)

Below are the links to our social media channels:

FB Event:

Happy Hacking :)

Travel Scrum Team