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about 2 years ago

Last 2 Hours to Submit Your Final Project! Submission Deadline - SUN 14 JUN 11.45 PM UTC

Hi team,

So this is the final lap. Hope you are almost done with your videos and pitch. If not then it's time to start wrapping up and start working on your final submission!

Just remember to submit everything before SUN 14 JUN 11.45PM UTC 

We will be clolsing the submissions after the deadline.

You will not be able to do any submissions or edit your project after the cut-off time!

Sharing again on the submission requirements, it has to include:

  • Your textual pitch
  • Video of the working demo of your solution on Youtube(2 minutes max)
  • The links to test your solution (e.g., Github, Website, App, adobe)

Please refer to the following document for the detailed version: Final Submission of the project


TravelScrum Team