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about 2 years ago

AWS and Glidr Service Credit for Hackers + Awards Ceremony FRI 18 JUN 02.00 - 03.30 PM UTC

Hello, TravelScrum Hackers

Thanks to you and your team for your energy and ideas over the past several days to bring travel and tourism back from the pandemic. 

As we anticipate the results of the final judging of your projects during Friday's Awards Ceremony, I want to provide an update on the AWS and Glidr contributions of service credits to the competitors.

The AWS credits program is designed to support startups and ideation in partnership with many entities, including TravelScrum Hackathon 2020. In our case, AWS has provided 30 team credits for cloud-based services, including access to support and mentorship. Here is the program we offer to 30 companies evaluated by the judges in TravelScrum Hackathon:

  • US$2,500 in AWS service credits to each of these four (4) hacker teams:  the Global Award team and three Regional Award teams (Americas, APAC and EMEA).
  • US$100 in AWS service credits to twenty-six (26) other teams, including teams for the Design Award and People's Choice Award, as well as twenty-four (24) other teams judged as outstanding entries from 49 teams short-listed as finalists by the judges. is a product management platform for agile development. Glidr Team is providing service credits that will be distributed to participating hackers who submitted either projects or ideas:

  • One (1) annual license to Glidr Business service  for each member of these six (6) hacker teams:  Global Award team members, Regional Award team members (Americas, APAC and EMEA), Design Award team members, People’s Choice team members. (Note: only one Glidr annual license package for a team winning multiple awards.)
  • One (1) one-month license to Glidr Team service for each member of a project team or registered as a participant by June 11, 2020

All other donations of cash and in-kind services or support listed on the TravelScrum Devpost site and in other event materials will be awarded as described in consultation between the TravelScrum organizers and the judges.

The decisions of the judges are final.

TravelScrum's organizing team will reach out to all participants in a timely manner by email with more information about delivery of awards.

We received a total of 86 submission ideas from participants, and we presented 49 coded or designed projects to the judging panel. Based on the 430 registrations for the event, this demonstrates outstanding enthusiasm to help the travel community recover from the pandemic. Our TravelScrum team celebrates the energy from all of you to create and build your own solutions to reinvent the travel experience. 

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TravelScrum Awards Ceremony later today FRI 19 JUN at 02.00 - 03.30 PM UTC.

Thank you!

Gene Quinn

Co-Founder, TravelScrum