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about 2 years ago


Hi TravelScrum Hackers,

Thank you everyone for joining us on this amazing adventure we embarked on a couple of months ago! We showed the industry that we are all stronger when we stand together!

We want to congratulate you all for participating. There were some great projects and, we know, it was very hard for the judges to choose the winners. You all did such an amazing job!

Our winning teams are:

- Global Award - RoadHack

- Regional Award EMEA - Clean Hotel

- Regional Award APAC - Alma & VOYAGEUR

- Regional Award Americas - DETOUR

- Design Award - Exploreco

- Popularity Award - VQ Checkin

Special prize from Agora: RoadHack, Clean Hotel, Alma, VOYAGEUR, DETOUR, Exploreco, VQ Checkin, Safety Atlas, Change through Traveling, Green Trip

If you've missed the ceremony, you can find the recording here:

Our very first global hackathon was incredible!

The hackathon in numbers

We had over 430 registered people, 86 submitted ideas and 49 validated projects (EMEA-17 APAC-19 AMERICAS-13) with hackers joining from over 64 countries. Our youngest hacker was 15!

You guys were really chatty on our Slack workspace with over 26 766 messages. We hope you enjoyed our 11 live sessions and we hoped you survived the many time-zones.

65 amazing mentors helped all of you, not only during the hackathon, but also by providing 42 insight videos, Your projects were judged by 22 judges. 

The event was made possible through the work of 39 volunteers together with 35 supporting companies. 

What’s next for <Trave/Scrum>?

First things first, we need to recover from this and then we'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can make our future events even better. We promise it won’t take too long:  Feedback Form 

We’ll continue to work on building the <Trave/Scrum>  movement and search for the best ways to support you, our industry and the community as a whole. We hope to plan more events, so we can soon enjoy an opportunity to meet again. 

Stay in touch

We’ll keep publishing updates on our social media pages, so stay connected to the community :






Remember… in our hashtags #jointhescrum #TraveScrumHack #TravelScrum


You all did an amazing job and even though not all of you won a prize we congratulate you all the same. For those that did win a prize, we will reach out to you in the coming days (after the weekend).

Thank you

This event would not have been possible without our supporters, our mentors, our judges, the team and of course you! A big shoutout to everyone.

Thank you for attending and living the global TravelScrum Hackathon !

We love you! Stay Safe!

A hug,

The Organizing Team
TravelScrum Global Hackathon